• Here is a list of online activities!

    Come join us online with Zoom Devotionals and Firesides chats. We will be adding more Baha'i Activities when they are scheduled, so check back often.

    Sunday Morning Devotions 10:30 AM

    Sunday mornings are back, this time via Zoom!

    This Sunday, at 10:30 AM, please join us for devotions and a discussion. <--Click the link to join


    This Sunday's Topic - Justice and Race Unity





    12:30 PM Daily Devotions on Zoom from the House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois

    Staff members from the Baha’i House of worship are hosting daily virtual devotional programs at 12:30 p.m. Each session begins with a brief planned program of prayers and then participants from around the world are invited to share their own prayers and songs.




    Thursday Night Devotions, Courses and Fireside Chats

    Every Thursday evening, there will be several activities on Zoom.


    6:30 PM Reading Together- Summons of the Lord of Hosts- Join us on Zoom https://us04web.zoom.us/j/303463344


    7:30 PM Elevated Thursdays- Interactive discussion and devotional This week's topic: Confirmation https://zoom.us/j/445099680


    7:30 PM Devotional:

    Every Thursday night join the Doss family for devotions on Zoom. Click here.


    Wednesday Activities:

    6: 30 AM Dawn Prayers from Area 4, <--Click the link to join the Zoom chat



  • Here are some tools and resources for building community while maintaining safety during the COVID-19 Crisis

    Even in isolation we can study and build community together. Here are some tools and resources to help us make it through this.

  • Stay Safe

    دوستان عزیز، الله ابهی


    محفل محلّی آستین بدین وسیله شما احبّای عزیز را تشویق می‌نماید که، به خاطر شیوع ویروس کرونا، حتّی المقدور به دستورِ «ماندن در منزل» که مقاماتِ شهر آستین صادر کرده‌اند را رعایت فرمایید. اگرچه شرایط کنونی سخت است، ولی محفل ملّی به ما امید داده‌اند که «شاید بسیاری از گرفتاری‌ها و محرومیّت‌هایی که مردم جهان با آن رو به رو شده‌اند، به رغم سختی و جانکاهی آن، عالم انسانی را به درک وحدت اصلی خود آگاه گردانَد و به نیازی که همۀ مردمان به ایجادِ پیوند با دیگران و خدمت به آنان دارند، واقف سازد.»


    برای سلامتی یکایک شما عزیزان دعا می‌کنیم.


    با مهر و محبت،

    محفل محلّی بهائیان آستین


    Dear Friends:


    This is a reminder to stay home and stay safe. The National Spiritual Assembly said that we need to be “Mindful of the necessary restrictions in place, careful of your own health and that of others,” so the Assembly encourages everyone to continue to stay strong under the current circumstances, and obey the stay at home orders issued by the city of Austin. Although it is difficult, the National Assembly gave us hope that “the many hardships and privations now being faced throughout the world, difficult and painful as they are, will awaken humanity to a greater realization of its fundamental oneness, and to the need we all have to form bonds of love and service with others.”


    You are all in our prayers.


    With loving Baha’i greetings,

    The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Austin


  • The Bahá'ís of Austin welcome you!

    “Let your vision be world embracing…” — Bahá’u’lláh

  • Community Calendar of the Bahá'ís of Austin

    Here are upcoming events

    For a PDF of our community calendar click here.

  • CBS This Morning - Behind the Bahá'í faith, one of the fastest growing religions

  • Dawn of Light

    Two hundred years ago, the Báb appeared, inaugurating a new Dispensation and preparing humanity for the light of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation.

    For more information, please visit: www.bahai.us/bicentenary

  • Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP)


    July 10–21, 2020, at Louhelen Bahá’í School in Davison, Michigan. This seminar aims to assist young adults to develop the capacity to examine and analyze society and the forces acting upon it and to introduce relevant aspects of the Bahá’í teachings both in their academic and professional fields and in other social spaces in which they are present.

  • A Rich Tapestry

    What we do in the community

  • Contact Us

    Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact us.

    2215 E.M. Franklin Ave.
    (512) 926-8880
  • What We Do

    Four ways to participate in the community with Baha'i's

    Devotional Gatherings

    Devotional meetings spring up naturally in a community where a conversation about the spiritual dimension of human existence is growing. In diverse settings, Bahá’ís and their friends and families unite with one another in prayer. There are no rituals; no one individual has any special role. Meetings consist largely of reading prayers and passages from the Bahá’í sacred texts in an informal yet respectful atmosphere. A spirit of communal worship is generated by these simple gatherings, and this spirit begins to permeate the community’s collective endeavours. If you are interested in a devotional gathering, click here to contact us.

    Children's Classes

    Bahá’ís see the young as the most precious treasure a community can possess. In them are the promise and guarantee of the future. Yet, in order for this promise to be realised, children need to receive spiritual nourishment. In a world where the joy and innocence of childhood can be so easily overwhelmed by the aggressive pursuit of materialistic ends, the moral and spiritual education of children assumes vital importance. Click here to find out about children's classes in your area.

    Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program

    Baha’i communities all over the world love to create, sponsor and encourage grassroots, neighborhood- and school-based junior youth groups. Designed to help young adolescents between the ages of 11-15 develop into focused, happy and productive teenagers and young adults, junior youth groups teach the crucial moral, spiritual and ethical skills society often fails to transmit to this important age group. Click here to find out about Junior Youth activities in Austin.

    Study Circles

    To build a better world requires an ever-growing pool of people capable of contributing to the accomplishment of the myriad tasks at hand. Study Circles are designed to explore the Baha'i Writings in a way the develops knowledge, skills and insight that prepares us to serve our community. Click here to find study circles in your area.

  • Interested in any of these activities?

    Tell us what interests you and we will help you get connected


    A person becomes a Bahá’í by recognizing Bahá’u’lláh as the Messenger of God for this age and informing the Bahá’í community of their desire to join the Bahá’í Faith.

  • Have you recently moved into Austin?

    Are you a Baha'i who has just arrived to Austin? The fastest way to get plugged in is to update your information on the website of the National Spiritual Assembly. If you are unable to update your information, then please fill in the form below

  • New Day Community Garden is a place where people of many different backgrounds and gardening experience join together for the common goal of growing produce, experimenting with new plants and crops, and exchanging ideas, techniques and knowledge.

  • Refugee Services of Texas


    You will have the opportunity to serve as a

    -Catalyst in achieving educational and vocational self-sufficiency

    -Trainer in recreational sports , activities, interests
    -Guide for physical, emotional, and social stability
    -Celebrator of monumental achievements

  • On October 28th and 29th, Bahá’ís worldwide celebrated the second of two major 200-year anniversaries: the bicentenary of the birth of the Báb, the Herald of the Bahá’í Faith.


    A message from
    on the occasion of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb


    Click here for photos from the Austin celebration at the Bob Bullock museum.

    A Proclamation from the mayor presented by Councilwoman Alison Altar

    A Proclamation from the mayor presented by Councilwoman Alison Altar

    A Proclamation from the mayor presented by Councilwoman Alison Altar