Upcoming Public Events

Here are the activities taking place over the next few weeks:
  • Sunday, March 31st at 10:30 AM: Sunday Morning Devotions & Fireside

  • Sunday, March 31st at 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM: Election Process Discussion & Election Material Assembly @ the Baha'i Center

  • Sunday, April 7th at 10:30 AM: Sunday Morning Devotions & Fireside

  • Sunday, April 14th at 10:30 AM: Sunday Morning Devotions & Fireside

  • Friday, April 19th at 7:30 PM: Annual Meeting and Election

  • Sunday, April 21st at 10:30 AM: Sunday Morning Devotions & Fireside

  • Every Weekday at Noon: Daily Noon Prayers and Devotions

Event Details & Descriptions

Sunday Morning Devotions & Fireside

Date: Every Sunday

When: 10:30 - 12 Noon

What: Devotions (starting 10:30 AM) and Fireside (starting 11:00 AM)

Where: Austin Baha’i Center, 2215 E.M. Franklin Ave, Austin, TX 78723

Area 19-Day Feasts

Check your email for Area-specific dates, times and locations!

Weekday Noon Devotional

Date: Every weekday (Monday-Friday)

When: 12:00 Noon

What: Devotional that has been going on for almost 3 years

Zoom Meeting Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/815838540?pwd=aXdxQnhKaTBPSWdPVEpBcFV4bmR3dz09

Meeting ID: 815 838 540

Passcode: 8bq0sm

Note from the organizer: There is usually some fellowship and checking in on how we are doing at the first part of the meeting so the devotions, stories, and inspirational writings start about 12:15 PM in case anyone is in a hurry or with limited time. We can modify the timing of things to fit lunch hour pressures. Anyone can come, even if only for 2 minutes just to say hello. There are no expectations. There is a hard stop after 40 minutes because we use a free ZOOM account.


Bahá'í Austin Area Calendar

The Austin Teaching Committee shared a link to the calendar with events taking place in the area.